Dont Let It Slip Away Just Because Its Weird Ugly Or Creepy

Dated: 04/30/2018

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Let’s get the elephant out of the room, we all can honestly say that I’ve seen it all with searching though website photos. Toilet seats up in listing photos, shag carpet covered with dog hair, bedrooms doubling as a greenhouse growing centers, and the ever persistent 1970’s avocado green or harvest gold colored appliances.

Sellers aren’t required to get their homes in the best of conditions before showing them let alone cleaning their home before listing. But a seller’s laziness can spell a huge upside for the right buyer.

Here are three highlightsthat may be putting you off when shopping for a home but don’t let it stop you from ever considering making an offer, particularly if you can see yourself living there and loving the home, layout and location.

Bad wallpaperandnasty carpets

Today’s buyers generallyprefer a home that’sturn-key or move in ready. Like many of us they’re too busy with the day-2-day to even think of a renovation project. This is especially true for thecontinuously connected, fast pace, mobile-ready millennial home buyer.

But painting wallsandreplacing carpets isn’talways time-consuming or expensive, and you can do these projectsbefore moving in.

If a seller won’t replace their shag carpet or paint the interior a neutral color, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

A fresh coat of paint and finished floors or new carpet won’t break the bank or take more than a week, and the end-product will be a like-new home for you to move into.

Strange Room Layouts

It’s not uncommon to see a home’sdining room transformed into afull-fledged office. Some homeowners even have abedroom doubling as a walk-in closet. I once saw a first-floor bedroom turned into a wine-tasting room.

Just because the homeowner uses these spaces in a way that suits them, doesn’t mean you have to. These rooms might stand out as odd to you but try to forgetthat the seller lives there. Keep an open mind, your looking for the forest here not the tree.

Once they are out, the dining room will be a recovered spaceby just quick painting and adding updating it whit a great light fixture and table. The walk-in closet can beconverted back into a bedroom in less than a day.

Overwhelming Seller Presence

It’s difficult enough to for a buyer to imagine themselves in a new home ‘I call it imprinting’ if it’s wall to wall of photos, diplomas andother personal belongings of the seller. The best ready to sell homes are those that are impartial and lacking personal touches specificto the owner.

Worse is when the seller is hovering about during the showing. It makes me and the potential buyers uncomfortable. The buyers feel incumbered and can’t explore the house, dig deep into closets or cabinets, or feel free to talk out loud about their feelings on the house without somehow offending the owner.

When a home which is too personalized or where the seller is always present sits on the market and over time it will get a bad reputation. The strategic buyer will use that to their advantage and snag it through savvy negotiations below the asking price.

Sellers sometimes can’t help themselves and they sabotage their home sale whether its intentionally or just by nature, they leave money on the table.  As the buyer I am telling you to pick it up! Typical consumers today are inundated with choices and it’s overwhelming to process everything a see through a seller’s chaos of style or custom design changes.

If you see a home that is an ideal fit for location and floor plan, go see it. Look at the bones of the house, things you can change are just strategic negation points for you, think more along the lines if you can make the home your own. Keep clam and create a vision!

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