Home Check Up Items For September

Dated: 09/14/2017

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As Summer ends, there is a great window of time to tackle some of these items.  Knocking off a few of these will make the Winter months a little more stress free and you can tackle yourself.

1.  Check Air Filters and Tune Up the Furnace.  Cooler temperatures are coming.   Mechanical systems need to be checked out periodically and some regular maintenance will increase efficiency, improve families comfort and safety and avoid failures in peak seasons.

Do it yourself items include checking and adjusting thermostats, replacing air filters and cleaning air registers.  A professional inspection will measure combustion efficiency, perform a safety check, test ducts and recommend improvements.

2.  Service Lawn Equipment.  Getting the lawn mower tuned up in the Spring could take weeks but not if you store equipment properly in the Fall as the yard reaches dormancy.

If you feel comfortable you may be able to do these yourself or you can always get a professional to take care of these things for you.  Disconnect the battery, drain the gas and oil, check the blades for damage and sharpen, be sure its in the off position and store in a dry place.  You have a much better chance it will crank up in the Spring when you need it again.

3.  Sweep the Chimney.  Don't try this one on your own, its a dirty job and needs to be done right.  Fireplaces are great in the winter time but also should be checked to insure safety.  Reducing soot buildup will greatly reduce risk associated with starting up the first crackling fire.

4.  Check and Replace Weather Stripping.  Sealing up the drafts from under the door will be more pleasant to accomplish now than in January when they really bother you.  Check for tears or gaps in the weather stripping and replace if necessary.  You probably have a threshold seal or sweep type weather strip and with can be easily replaced.

5.  Check these Home Safety Items.  You should already have these items in your home but as Winter approaches, it good to make sure they are in working order.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors should be located in each major area of the home.  Make sure they are properly located and back up batteries are fresh.

  • Fire extinguishers should be on each floor of home and the garage, near any heat source including the kitchen.  Make sure you know where they are and that you know how to use them.

  • Power Outage Supplies should be restocked if you are subject to Winter Storm outages.  Make sure you have Flashlight & extra batteries, Extra cell phone battery or Solar Charger, Safety Matches, Candles, Can opener, Personal Hygiene Products, Pet food & extra water for your pet and some Cash.  You may need other things depending on you situation including water and non-perishable food but having the basics covered will make it less stressful when you do need them.

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