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Dated: 05/29/2018

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Sometimes clients ask me what if I were building a new home or doing a major renovation what would I would put into it? Easy; First pick is a Geothermal system. They are a wonderful way to help keep your home comfortable without any fuss. There are many homeowners who are looking for some new and unique ways to increase their home’s efficiency. In fact, whether it’s reducing your monthly bills or reducing your environmental impact, geothermal energy can have a significant impact on how you live. If you are looking at alternative ways to heat and cool your home, consider a geothermal heat pump. Here are some of the incredible reasons why you should consider a geothermal heat pump as soon as possible.


One of the best reasons to go geothermal is just how environmentally friendly it is. In fact,geothermal energy is the ultimately in clean energy, possibly the cleanest you could get. To produce it, unlike fossil fuels such as coal, gas or oil, geothermal systems require no combustion and produces little to no greenhouse gases.


While heat isn’t such a concern as the weather warms, having reliable heat during the winter months is a necessity in the Maryland area. In fact, geothermal energy comes from the Earth’s core which means you’ll end up having a consistent supply of energy no matter the weather. As a result, a geothermal heat pump in your Baltimore home means you’ll never be without heat and your home will always stay comfortable all year long.


The ground beneath the Earth is the ultimate source of energy for a geothermal system. In fact, there is no extracting and transporting energy when it comes to a geothermal system.


Geothermalenergy is ultimately sustainable energy. In fact, geothermal energy comes from the Earth’s core which means it is a renewable energy source that has the true potential to provide energy to billions of people worldwide.


If you are looking for a new heating system to ensure that your home stays comfortable year-round, consider Ground Loop Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for all your HVAC needs! Contact a professional today to help determine which type of ground loop system is best for you. Like this article check out next month’s second pick and on how you can have electric bill under hundred dollars a month on average 3000 sqft home.

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