Selling A Home During The Holidays

Dated: 11/09/2017

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Should you sell your home during the Holidays?  There are many things to consider whether to have your home on the market during the Holidays in Triangle.  If you do enter the market this time of year with your home, there are also ways to maximize the potential of your sale.

1.  Online search activities increase during the Holidays. and Zillow report that home searches online increase during this time of year.  Maybe its just a little down time from hectic schedules that prompts online searches this time of year but a search of activity occurs that you may not want to miss.

2.  We have an international population that doesn't follow the same calendar of events.  According to over 14% of the residents of Wake County are foreign residents with some areas reaching closer to 27%.  The traditional US calendar of holidays is often not part of the schedule when an international buyer arrives.  With significant foreign investment in the area, this diversity improves opportunities in this part of the year.

3.  There's less competition.  With fewer home sellers in the market during this time of year, those that are will get more attention.  See #1 above, more people looking less people showing.  It may have been the desperate seller in the past that stayed active but that doesn't need to be the case.

4.  Mobility in the workforce is not decreasing.  A relocation can occur in July or November and reimbursement packages for relocation often have a clock attached.  In an area like ours with many global companies, relocating is time sensitive and motivates.

5.  Buyers are motivated if they are looking now.  There is a reason to house shop right now and often times the buyer is more motivated to make something happen.

6.  You can still manage when your home is available to be shown.  Being on the market doesn't mean being available all the time, block out important days for you and your family to enjoy.  While buyers are eager and schedules can be tight, there is nothing wrong with keeping certain days and times limited.

7.  Decorate but maybe not every multicolor light goes up.  Consider maintaining your privacy by keeping those special ornaments with the kids pictures put away this year.  You may have to pull back a bit so that buyers can see your home, they will also like to know it feels warm and welcoming with decorations at this time of year.

8.  If you want to sell, no matter what time of the year, you need to price it correctly.  An overpriced home is just that, price it right if you really want to sell.

9.  End of year tax considerations might benefit you or the buyer.  No what your situation is and consider if the buyer may have the same considerations.

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