Spring Is Coming To Raleigh How To Get Market Ready

Dated: 02/27/2018

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While the weather has been a bit sporadic these past few weeks, spring is definitely in the air around the Triangle. The daffodils, forsythia, and crocuses are pushing through and it feels like the perfect time to spring clean. Many home owners go into a panic when getting a home ready for the market but the best thing you can do is maintain a home throughout in order to prevent repairs created by time. Below is a list of things to do whether you are getting ready to sell or just basic upkeep, here are some steps to follow:

1. Focus on the exterior. Power wash the house and any outdoor areas like a deck or patio as well as the driveway. Clean gutters and windows. Bag leaves, trim bushes (if they are near the home, they should be below window height!) lay new mulch beds.

2. HVAC. Make a service appointment and have them top off levels and do diagnostics before our air conditioning goes into high gear by mid-May. 

3. Little interior fixes: Touch up the trim. One secret to making it look better is to take a dryer sheet along the basboards. Once, it's clean you may notice small nicks-so touch it up either with a "magic eraser" or paint. Tighten switch plate and outlet covers, change the light bulbs, put new batteries in the smoke detectors. Make sure all the windows open and close easily. 

4. Do a deep clean of the appliances. Vacuum behind the refrigerator and dryer. My husband recently pulled our dryer out and found: paper, a feather, and some July 4 sparklers along with a bagillion dust balls. Really a boy scout could not have asked for a better kit to start a fire. Clean the vents, especially the dryer vent and make sure it is sealed.

5. Declutter: There are all sorts of books out there about the best way to get rid of the stuff that weighs you down. Start with your closet. If there is anything you did not wear this past winter -put it in those new reuse bags Wake County gave out for clothes. Clean off that top shelf where you put stuff that you never use.  Clean of table and counter surfaces. As I look around my kitchen, there is not one place that does not have something on it. It makes my house look chaotic. (a picture is worth a thousand words!) But once everything has a place, it is easier to maintain organization.

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