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Dated: 03/22/2018

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If you are a bit like me, it was a little hard to get into the first day of spring yesterday as the morning snowflakes fell on the Triangle. The good news, it didn’t last long, nor did it have an impact on the school schedule.  As a Real Estate Agent, I know this day also signifies the start of the season for families who contemplated during the winter months to list their home. School midterms for many are next week and as our children enter their last quarter for the school year, that should also be a single to those getting ready to list, that it’s time to spruceImage title up.  And with the end of May just about in 60 days, we know the markets will heat up as fast as the temperatures.  Potential buyers will have more liberty then and will be out shopping for their new home.  The clock is officially started, now is the time to get out of your hibernation mode and start preparing your home for presentation and it all begins at the front of your property, with Curb Appeal! 

• Buyers begin their impression of the inside of a home at first sight of the house. If it's not good, it’s just downhill from there, the buyer might even decide not to even open the door.

•  A typical 2 door garage can take up as much as 40 percent of the front of a home. Giving it a face lift or installing a new one can make a dramatic improvement.

•  Chairs on the front porch are classic charmers that help potential buyers envisioning themselves relaxing in their new digs.

That adage; ‘you never get a second chance to make a great first impression’, it couldn’t be truer foImage titler curb appeal in real estate. The second you post your listing on MLS and put up that for-sale sign, your listing is under examination by more than just potential homebuyers. Agents, neighbors and the casual passersby will all have an opinion.

Now it’s true that listing agents have gotten savvier by ditching the camera phone and taking high-quality photos, but what happens when a professional photo isn’t enough?

The consumer’s perception is the consumer’s reality. I’ve said this regarding the value of agents, but it applies to the value of a home as well. The curb appeal reflects the buyers’ impressions of the inside of the home. They might not even want to go inside if the front of the house looks unappealing.

Sometimes it takes just a quick and inexpensive upgrade or two that will turn a home from average to pop in the eyes of the buyer.  Here are some helpful ideas to boost that curb appeal and get more value.

Paint the front door- The front door is the focal point of a home. As the entrance, it’s featuring is to be accented and draw people into the home. A new coat ofImage title paint in a bright or contrasting color will enhance the look of a property. You can also add a new knob and hardware for added appeal. 

Update the garage door- The garage door is like the front door in that it’s obvious because it's huge. They can easily take up as much as 40% of the front of a house, so an upgrade can make an immense difference. Try a carriage-style door or a door with windows to enhance your property’s appearance. It can be as simple as color change and adding a trellis over the top of it.

Lighten up the exterior- This is more than a simply replacing a burnt-out porch light. Accent lights in planters and along the walkways not only makes a home feel safer but also adds extra style and elegance.

Liven up the landscape- Take care of weeds with $14.99 bottles of weed killer and mowing the lawn. Planting flowers and adding mulch will make a huge difference. Consider hiring a landscaper to come in and do a yard cleaning and prune up the shrubs, he can quickly get the yard into shape and get that lawn to green.  

Put furniture on the porch- A couple of chairs can really help a home look more inviting. Potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves sitting on the front porch drinking their favorite beverage and being carefree.Image title

Not only will these tips give you're listing an appealing face lift, but as sellers, you will see the return on the investment. Ready to start click here or call me at 919-795-9720.

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