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Dated: 10/16/2017

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This may be the best time of year to be outside in Wake County.  The air starts to get a hint of coolness and the summer humidity begins to subside.  While the days do get shorter we have several more weeks until the time changes and shortens our evenings.  Many of our communities have invested in great park and greenway resources that connect our neighborhoods to one another and create meandering nooks and crannies to explore.

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Let’s start with Cary. There are almost 80 miles of greenway and nearly 2700 acres of parks and open space that you can access from these greenways.  Access Umstead State Park to the north by connecting to the 7 miles of the Black Creek Greenway artery to Bond Park on the south side of town.  Countless neighborhoods, shorter greenway spurs and bike paths connect to provide a small highway for walkers, joggers and cyclists.  In Umstead State Park you gain access to 22 miles of hiking trails and 13 miles of mixed use trails teaming with runners, cyclists and horses. The greenways in Cary Park on the western edge provides access to the American Tobacco Trail with 23 miles of gentle railroad grade, crossing three counties and linking to Apex in the South and Durham to the north.  Not nearly satisfied, plans exist for an additional 143 miles of greenway to create a connecting grid for the entire town.  (Access a complete Map Here) or (Down Load the App)

Image titleConnecting to Raleigh through Umstead adds another 100 miles of Greenway and 9000 more acres of Parks.  Just continue along the Reedy Creek Trail visit the NC Museum of Art Park and cross I440 on a dedicated greenway bridge.  Meredith College, NC State and Shaw University are all on the way to completely cross to the eastern edge of town.  Connecting by the Rocky Branch Trail and Walnut Creek Trail, jump on the 27.5 mile Neuse River Trail.  Meandering to the Falls Lake Dam past Horse Shoe Farm Nature Preserve to the north of the city connecting to Wake Forest.  To the south the trail reaches Johnston County creating a significant portion the North Carolina Mountains to Sea Trail.  Crabtree Creek and Walnut Creek Trails provide additional connections across the city to connect multiple parks and recreation areas.

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Many of the other municipalities in Wake County have created plans to create more greenway connections to the parks and recreational facilities.  There are more and more corridors of access being created as development plans are executed.  A comprehensive plan for Wake County exists to continue to provide outdoor access as the area grows and develops.  Adding to the many qualities of life in the area, being able to enjoy the outdoors as population continues to grow is important to many in the area.

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